Vita Starkin is the Director, Producer and Creative Lead at The Mercury Cabaret. In 2012 Vita organised the first ever Mercury Show, featuring live music, art installations and Cabaret performances.
Since 2012, Vita has been actively involved in the world-wide Cabaret scene, having performed extensively in London and Paris before bringing hedonistic Cabaret to Hong Kong. 

Receiving accreditation  from both the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and The Royal College of Organists before the age of 16, Vita's talent for performance and composing was evident from an early age. Vita has enjoyed success as a singer within the Asia circuit, being an up and coming voice in the Asian jazz scene. Flirting with gender, performance art, stripping and pushing the boundaries a little too far, this manic virtuoso puts on one hell of a good show, and not to be missed.

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